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We chose the King Street United Church of Christ after extensive research visiting other churches in the Danbury vicinity. We chose this friendly, spiritual place because of its intimate, all inclusive, friendly environment with messages offered each week by Pastor Paul who presents the Gospel as Jesus himself would.

We also found the friendly reception from the small but very engaged members of the church community to be "second to none"!

It took us about a year of soul searching when we finally chose to include ourselves in the total church's program as members of the congregation.

We have for over 50 years attended churches with our 4 children and later 9 grandchildren in several locations that we called our church in NY, CT and NC (where we spent 17 of our last 19 years and each year going forward seasonally).

We began our spiritual journey as Roman Catholics and Episcopalian and about 12 years ago decided to be baptized again into a contemporary non denominational church in Southport, NC.

We have found great comfort in this place of worship that offers the best of all worlds and we are so glad our daughter, Alison, directed us to try out the King Street United Church of Christ less than a year ago at which time we knew on the FIRST DAY that we were in the right spiritual environment to receive the gospel weekly.

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