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I started coming to King Street UCC in November and knew immediately that this was the church I wanted to be a part of. I moved to the King Street area about 3 years ago, have since had two children, and knew it was time I start getting back to church and more importantly get my kids to church. The Sunday I decided to go back to church, I had every intention of making the 45 minute drive to my parents church with my kids, but fortunately for me, it took an extra long time to pack up the diaper bag and get myself, a 2 year old, and an 8 month old dressed, fed and out the door. I resolved to go to church anyway, but as I started out down the road feeling guilty I was going to be late, I came to the corner where King Street and South King meet and decided to forego the long trip to my parent’s church and try something new. 


I couldn’t be happier with that split second decision. I figured going to my parents church would have been a step in the right direction and I could take my time finding a church closer to home, but I didn’t need to. From the very first day I walked into King Street UCC, I felt like not only a member of the church, but a member of the family. So, I guess you could still say I went church shopping, I just found everything I was looking for at the first stop and didn’t need to look any further. 


Not only am I happy, but so are my children. My daughter (now 3) started going to Sunday school and recently sang “Jesus Loves Me” in front of the whole church with her fellow classmates on Children’s Sunday. My son (now 16 months) recently learned how to walk and enjoys giving me a run for my money while wandering the church, trying his best to be quiet during sermons, and distracting people with his infectious smile. The familiar saying “it takes a village to raise a family” often comes to mind when I think of King Street UCC, because I feel like everyone in the church treats my children as if they were their own. They often remind me how much they love seeing my children as well as the other young children in the church, which is truly a blessing in and of itself because as any parent of a baby/toddler knows it can be very uncomfortable when your child makes noise during what is typically supposed to be a quiet time. It is really true when they say ALL are welcome here, even the sometimes noisy ones! 


I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have met over the past 8 months, who have more than welcomed me and my family into their village. I truly look forward to coming to church every Sunday. 

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