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Divine Intervention

By Mia Reichl


My dad led us to King Street United Church of Christ. It’s true that he died in 2005, and we didn’t join until 2010. It’s also true that we never directly spoke of KSUCC potentially becoming our new church. However, I am sure it was my dad who led us here.


This divine intervention became apparent to me shortly after officially becoming a member. While helping with preparations for an upcoming fair, I was looking at photos of church members in action, specifically, serving meals at the local soup kitchen. I commented to my new friend, Linda Hannan, that Dorothy Day Hospitality House had been dear to my dad’s heart. She asked questions as to my dad’s name, even after learning that he had passed five years earlier. When she learned who my dad was, Linda’s words to me were, “I loved your dad! He worked with us every month for years!” She then shared this ‘small world’ connection with any and all who were near.


When my dad passed in 2005, he’d been aware of our search for the right church. Two years later, when we were house hunting, we wound up making our new home in an ancient farmhouse on King Street.  I know it was Dad’s doing, because we  have no business owning such a needy house- we lack the skills and know how that such a home demands. But I am sure it was he who led us to that house, for upon entering for the first time, I fell immediately in love with the place, and the next, if not immediate, logical step would be to eventually wander through the doors of this sacred place. He had actually mentioned KSUCC to me more than once, as he’d been fond of the KSUCCers with whom he had served at the Dorothy Day Hospitality House for many years. “Who do you work with at the soup kitchen, Dad?” “A lovely group of friendly people from a sweet little church up on King Street.”


My dad knew that I wanted to be part of a church community where there is fellowship and community service and kindness. Finding one that knew and loved my dad was a bonus I hadn’t anticipated.

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