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Heather Linnhoff

A little history. I grew up in the Methodist Church where I had many honorary parental figures that helped me grow. That family showed me from a young age that it does take a village to raise a child. 


About 7-8 years ago this church helped out a single mother going through a hard time without even knowing her. They did it because one of the members asked for help for her and that is what King Street does well. 


I am that single mother. So when I decided it was time to find a church to help be a positive presence in my children's lives, I of course came to look at this church. From the first time coming here, I knew this was the church family I was looking for. I actually joined the choir before joining the church as singing is very important to me. The night I showed up to choir rehearsal I was also welcomed with open arms. 


I love my church family and the fact that we are truly welcoming of all! I am involved in many of our church activities and committees because i love this church. 

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